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Which is your favorite book in the Saga? 

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Look who I found on the trailer!!! 


Stephenie Meyer!! The Princess!!

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When Bella visits Jacob after the newborn battle, a painting of the A-Ka-Lat “Top of the Rock” island formation off the coast of La Push Beach can clearly be seen behind Bella during her dialogue sides. According to actual Quileute tradition, prominent members of the Quileute tribe have been buried on the A-Ka-Lat island. The island is also known as James Island, which is not an allusion to the Twilight series character James. 


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Jasper introduces himself as Jasper Whitlock to a coven of vampires, but is often referred to as Jasper Hale in his modern life; this is because he adopted Rosalie’s family name to pass himself as her twin brother. 


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when they use the music from the Twilight movie trailers in other trailers 


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Prior to the release of the movie, the Volvo company sponsored an online game in several countries, including the continental US, in which they gave away a car of the same make and color as Edward’s silver Volvo featured in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. This game was called, “Lost in Forks”, and was a maze style game in which the player had to drive around the town of Forks, Washinton and be the fastest player to reach Bella’s Graduation Party at the Cullen’s house in the shortest number of road “forks”. The game featured several locations featured in the books, such as: Bella’s House, La Push Beach, The site of the New Born Battle, and the Lumber Mill. The player could also unlock several easter eggs, including wall paper, movie clips and plot secrets. Volvo announced the the shortest route possible to the Cullen’s house was 11 forks. 


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"The Cold One" is played by Peter Murphy, who was the lead singer of the English band Bauhaus. Their brief success during the late 1970s and early 1980s is considered by many music critics to have given birth to the "Goth" rock genre, and their debut single, "Bela Lugosi’s Dead," introduced several elements into the "Goth" genre and subculture - including its interest in vampires (Bela Lugosi being the actor who played Count Dracula in Dracula). Therefore, Murphy’s presence in Eclipse is a tip of the hat to several layers of subculture that predate the "Twilight"-era vampire enthusiasms. Murphy’s only other feature film appearance was in The Hunger, also a vampire film, in which he sang "Bela Lugosi’s Dead". 


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In certain scenes, the Cullens irises are completely black rather than their usual golden topaz color. While never directly commented on in the movie, it is referred to in the novels as an indicator of a vampire’s extreme hunger when the eyes go completely black. 


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When Charlie is sitting at the kitchen table looking at the Riley flyer, it states that Riley was born April 10th, 1990. This is the day after Kristen Stewart’s birthday. She was born April 9th, 1990. 


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